Tutoring designed to help build successful learning.

Our purpose is to help students use their strengths to overcome areas of need. As they gain the tools to be a proactive part of their learning team, growth and confidence become stronger. The strong foundations for reading and math begin to form and the skills to succeed begin to become building blocks for the higher level thinking skills our students need. Just as a house becomes a home on a firm concrete foundation, our students become lifelong learners and successful assets to our society.

Foundational Learning

Our Focus


Building effective decoding skills can create a key path for fluent reading.

Developing sight word vocabulary enables students to gain strength in fluency.

Math Skills

Creating strong basic math skills is crucial to finding success in higher level, more abstract, math concepts.

Written Expression

Learning how and what to write are important aspects of conquering written expression.

Across Curriculum

Now is the time to use the skills added to our foundational toolbox to gain growth in subjects across the curriculum.